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Base Hit!!

What can you say about a ballplayer who, in the final years of his career, received a standing ovation every time he came to bat? That's part of what this website is trying to answer.

Willie McGee, the 1985 National League MVP, enjoyed a brilliant career with the St. Louis Cardinals, Oakland Athletics, San Francisco Giants, and Boston Red Sox. He is associated primarily with the St. Louis Cardinals, where he began and ended his career. Though his playing career was impressive, Willie has earned a respect that far outstrips any of his triples or diving catches. After McGee returned to St. Louis in 1996 to finish his career, he received a standing ovation each time he stepped to the plate at Busch Stadium, and he remains someone certain fans would do anything to show their appreciation for, if only he were still in uniform.

The new WillieMcGee.com is an attempt to record and display the history of this great man. It is a place to read what's been written about him and, with any luck, to share your own recollections of his career.

The Memories page is a place for quotes and published articles as well as fan memories of Willie McGee. If you have a story or a perspective that you would like to share, please send it to memories@williemcgee.com. Please include your name (if you want it published) and hometown.